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Dolores Yanagihara, MPH

Interim General Manager, AMP

In her role, Dolores oversees Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP) Program overall strategy and execution. She also implements processes to effectively create and deliver data and analytics products to clients and the healthcare industry.

In addition to her AMP Program responsibilities, Dolores builds partnerships across the industry to use IHA’s multi-payer claims database for analyses, measurement and payment initiatives, and reporting to support performance improvement. Dolores previously designed and led the development of IHA’s California Healthcare Cost & Quality Atlas reporting by geography, payer and product type, and market segment. In addition, she headed the development and evolution of the California Pay for Performance (P4P) program to the current Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP) programs to reward high-performing physician organizations.

Dolores has a deep understanding of the California healthcare landscape, including payers and providers, payment systems, and claims/encounter data. With a focus on advancing healthcare value, she connects the dots between the details and nuances of the data, measurement specifications, and related technology, identifying ways to use the data to produce meaningful and actionable insights. Dolores has a track record for building consensus among stakeholders to expand and enhance programs related to performance measurement, transparency, and incentives alignment.

Dolores graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and earned a Master of Public Health from the University of Hawaii. She also served in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, West Africa.