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At IHA, we are passionate about creating a more integrated healthcare system that delivers high-quality, affordable care. One where providers, patients, health plans, and purchasers get what they need. With dedication and purpose, our team works in concert with our members to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of this vision. Because at the end of the day, we’re all healthcare consumers—and we want the system to work better for everyone.

Join us in working to make high-value care a reality.

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Anna Lee Amarnath, MD, MPH

General Manager, AMP

Jacqui Darcy

General Manager, Symphony

Michelle Lewis, MBA

VP, Business Development

Dolores Yanagihara, MPH

VP, Strategic Initiatives

Michael Howell, MS

Sr. Director, Technology

Jen Kellar, MBA

Sr. Director, Finance & Administration

Helena Thompson

Sr. Director, Team Enablement

Ashley Burkett, MBA

Director, Marketing and Communications

Itir Cole

Director, Product Management

Angela Czesnakowicz, MPH

Director, Data Operations

Sarah Lally, MSc

Director, Client Success

Rachel Liu

Symphony Program Director

Thien Nguyen, MPH

Director, Information Strategy

Sultana Charania, MSBA

Technical Program Manager

Michael Chau

Business Systems Analyst

Claudia Felix, MHI

Project Manager

Edith Fox, MPH

Project Manager

Holli Gaskell, MA

Executive Assistant

Tia Glover, BSN, RN

Sr. Project Manager

Calvin Hom

IT Manager

Steven Hough

Program Coordinator

Erika James

Sr. Finance and Administration Coordinator

Shelley Kong

Data Operations Specialist

Karen Lawson

Sales Account Manager

Ken Li, MPH

Data Analyst

Chelsey Mones

Sr. Client Success Manager

Suhana Pratap, MPH

Associate Product Manager

Jason Palumbo

HR Manager

Harpreet Sahota

Data Operations Associate

Essence Sanders

Product Manager

Emerson Song, MPH

Manager, Data Operations

Harinee Soundar

Client Success Manager

Katie Ton

Data Operations Associate

Heather Tahl

Executive Assistant

Emily Tong

Quality Assurance Manager

Gabrielle Torres

Client Success Manager

Christine Tu

Project Manager

Alejandra Vargas-Johnson

Marketing and Communications Manager

Erika Vijh, MHSA

Project Manager

Eric Watkins

Technical Project Manager

Raymond Yee, PhD

Sr. Software Engineer

Lindsey Wong

Project Manager