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California’s centralized platform for provider data management

Symphony’s advanced, cloud-based platform serves as a single source of accurate provider information, helping health plans and providers streamline complex data exchange processes.

As California’s statewide data source, Symphony improves the efficiency, quality, and ease of provider directory data​.​ ​This ​ensur​es​ compliance with regulatory requirements while helping consumers get the information they need.


Orchestrating an industry-wide movement

We help health plans and providers across the state maintain the hundreds of data points they have on every provider. We also work with the industry’s top leaders to influence critical provider data requirements — like when we provided testimony to the U.S. Senate on the importance of accurate provider data. To date, Symphony:


Health Plans and Purchasers



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Improving directory provider data

Plans can access all provider information in one place to easily update their member directories, create efficiency, and drive industry data standardization.

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Streamlining provider data validation

Providers can update and validate information to all Symphony ​h​ealth ​p​lans simultaneously, reducing administrative burden and ensuring contracted plans always have up-to-date information.​

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Why join Symphony?

Online provider directories play an important role in helping consumers make decisions about their care and insurance coverage. ​Y​et these directories are often incomplete, inaccurate, and difficult to maintain. We partner with health plans and providers to streamline the burdensome work associated with provider data exchange and validation.

Compliance, simplified

We simplify complex data exchange processes between providers and health plans to ​support​ compliance with regulatory mandates, including SB-137, HR-133, and more.

High-​q​uality ​p​rovider directory d​ata

Symphony validates data from numerous primary and secondary sources, including provider-sourced data, to ensure plan directories contain the most accurate provider information.

Led by industry experts

We’re supported by ​the ​California Department of Managed Health​ C​are​​ (DMHC)​ and led by ​IHA’s​ 40-member Board of Directors with leaders from the state’s top health plans, providers, health systems, purchasers, and universities. By working together, we create solutions that work for everyone while influencing the future of provider directory data in California.

Partnering for success

Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, is the single-source technology partner for Symphony. Availity Provider Data Management (PDM), a web-based multi-payer platform designed for provider information, supports Symphony’s data sharing, reconciliation, and validation for participating health plans and providers.

The synergy between Availity and Symphony lies in empowering health plans and providers to exchange information more efficiently and work within standardized business rules and workflows. With these ongoing improvements, IHA is progressing toward a future where high-value, equitable care is the new standard.”

Russ Thomas, CEO of Availity

The industry relies on IHA’s expertise in provider directory data

We’ve helped influence a number of provider directory data improvements, including:

Commenting on DMHC’s draft updates to SB 137 regulations

Providing testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance ​about ​“ghost networks​,​” ​which​ prevent timely access to patient care​,​ and how Symphony can help

I​nforming a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study looking at the impact of a centralized provider directory on improving directory accuracy.

Responding to a request for information from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to help inform their evaluation of the need for a national, single source of provider directory information.

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