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Revenue cycle management bootcamp for health centers

March 2024

Use this modularized training to help onboard new staff to your health center’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) strategy. By having a better understanding of how encounter data supports the revenue cycle, health center staff can learn how their work is essential to ensuring high-quality and complete data capture. Better encounter data quality opens the door to improved care coordination for patients, more stable revenue for a health center, and a better understanding of a health center’s quality performance.

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California Medical Association Physician Services Org (CMA-PSO)  

Why use it

Encounter data complexity is hard to navigate, especially for new staff at a California health center. Having a better understanding of how all the health center roles function together to produce claims and encounter data will help support the connection between quality encounter data and better patient care, improved health outcomes, and stronger health center revenue. When staff have a better understanding of how encounter data impacts the health center’s financial health, they will be more empowered to optimize encounter data workflows and collaborate across teams.

Who it’s for

These modules are divided across processes and roles and are suitable for all staff at a community health center serving Californians with Medi-Cal coverage. Roles that are included are: C-Suite, Revenue Cycle/Billing, Front and Back Office, Providers, Health IT, and Quality Improvement.

Key take-aways

This resource was developed in partnership with community health center subject matter experts throughout California:

  • These modules offer a basic “out of the box” framework for educating staff on Revenue Cycle Management and how encounter data not only drives health center revenue, but also the quality of patient care through population health management.
  • Understanding roles and common error points in the encounter data process is a key lesson for improving back-end processes through cross-department teamwork.
  • Revenue Cycle Management, Health IT, and Quality Improvement are natural partners in finding and resolving encounter data issues to improve processes.

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