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Encounter data for community health centers

February 2024

Easy-to-digest info sheets to help community center staff understand their role in the encounter data workflow and measure the throughput of encounter data along its complicated pathway. Complete, accurate, reasonable, and timely capture of data is central to the sustainability and success of California’s health centers. These printable info sheets will help health center staff understand why encounter data matters and how it is used.


California Medical Association Physician Services Org (CMA-PSO)

Why use it

Encounter data is a vital component of alternate payment initiatives that impact the financial well-being of health centers. These info-sheets support a better understanding of how specific roles at a health center impact encounter and claims data. The tracking tool breakdown key reporting metrics to help health centers improve encounter data workflows and processes.

Who it’s for

These info sheets provide basic information and common errors regarding encounter data. They also provide suggested metrics and best practices for staff to consider. These info sheets are suitable for all staff at a community health center with a focus on front office and business operation roles.

Key take-aways

The Impact Guide and Encounter Tracking Tool highlight the following aspects of a health center’s encounter data workflow:

  • Successful encounter data submission takes teamwork and coordination.
  • Tracking key steps in the encounter submission process ensures your practice or community health center (CHC) has the most complete, accurate, and timely encounter data for reimbursement and patient care purposes.
  • Understanding common metrics used to track encounter and claims errors can help engage staff in root-cause analysis and workflow optimization.
  • Understanding how health center roles and activities impact the generation of encounter data can help increase staff engagement and buy-in for workflow process improvement.

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