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Encounter data improvement map

March 2022

The Encounter Data Improvement Map provides a framework and checklist with concrete steps to improving encounter data timeliness and accuracy in a community health center setting. The Encounter Data Improvement Map and accompanying presentation explain what encounter data challenges look like in California’s community health centers, make the case for why improving encounter data matters, and give an overview of six areas for focusing improvement efforts.


Institute for High Quality Care in partnership with California Primary Care Association
Bridget Hogan Cole, MPH, Executive Director, Institute for High Quality Care

Why use it

These tools are meant to get community health center staff beyond the who, what, when, and where of encounter data. Target users know that encounter data impacts everything from regulatory compliance, revenue cycle management, research, and quality scores, and they’re ready to improve encounter data timeliness and accuracy. They want specific action items for driving positive change in their health center’s data processes.

Who it’s for

Clinician, front office, and billing staff at community health centers and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs).

Key take-aways:

The six suggested areas where community health centers can make meaningful progress in encounter data improvement are:

  1. Incorporating encounter data into their strategic priorities
  2. Improving pre-encounter proactive processes
  3. Optimizing their infrastructure to support encounter data improvement efforts
  4. Refining front office processes, like check in or registration
  5. Better documenting the clinical aspects of encounter data
  6. Streamlining the closing of each encounter

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