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Measure what matters most

A common, industry-approved measure set is the heart of the AMP program. These standard measures help you focus on the most important quality improvement efforts and use resources more efficiently. We align measures across the four AMP programs to lower the reporting burden and facilitate meaningful improvement. Slight differences in the measure sets between AMP programs reflect the needs of each population.

We bring the industry together to update the measure set each year to reflect what’s most important to plans, providers, and purchasers. Because as you improve care delivery, we can set new targets for improvement. The AMP Technical Measurement Committee develops initial measure set recommendations. The proposed measures are then open for input during an annual public comment period, followed by AMP Governance Committee approval before becoming final.

Adapting AMP for COVID-19: updated accountability measures for MY 2020

For Measurement Year 2020, the AMP program will use a prioritized, more limited set of measures for accountability purposes, which includes public recognition, public reporting, and incentive payment design. The narrower measure set helps ensure the COVID-19 pandemic does not unfairly impact provider organization performance results.

IHA worked closely with its multi-stakeholder committee members to choose the measures that are likely to drive the best outcomes for vulnerable populations during the pandemic while still ensuring appropriate attention to overall performance.

The COVID-priority measures for MY 2020 include:

  • Prevention & Screening: childhood and adolescent immunizations

  • Diabetes: statin therapy for patients with diabetes; HbA1c control; medication adherence

  • Cardiovascular: controlling blood pressure; statin therapy; medication adherence

  • Respiratory: appropriate antibiotic use; appropriate testing for pharyngitis; asthma medication ratio

IHA continues to work with its committees to prioritize measures used for accountability purposes in MY 2021 in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

AMP measure set strategy

The 2016 – 2021 AMP Measure Set Strategy is a guide to ensure AMP’s evolving measure sets work for everyone – provider organizations, plans, purchasers, and consumers. Cross-industry leaders developed the Measure Set Strategy in collaboration with the AMP committees.