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Value-based incentives

Health plans that participate in the AMP Commercial HMO and Medi-Cal Managed Care programs get a recommended value-based incentive payment design that they can adapt as needed to reward high-performing providers. Our AMP programs use a shared savings model that focuses on quality, cost, and resource use. While the recommended payment model design is developed by our committees, each health plan determines its own budget and methodology for calculating and distributing payments to provider organizations.

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A focus on cost

In addition to AMP’s clinical quality and patient experience measures, IHA assesses total cost of care using a National Quality Forum (NQF)-endorsed measure (NQF# 1604). This helps provider organizations reduce spending and also compare their performance to a national benchmark. 

Incentive payment summaries and payment methodologies

IHA releases annual reports that detail the incentive payments distributed by participating health plans from the previous measurement year, as well as intended incentive payment methodologies for the upcoming measurement year.

The Summary of Health Plan Incentive Payment Report shows the incentive payments made by each health plan participating in AMP Commercial HMO and Medi-Cal Managed Care, including a summary of their overall network performance based on IHA results.

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The Advanced Notice Report maps out each plan’s budget for the upcoming year and intended payment methodologies, including adoption of the IHA common measure set, other incentive measures, and intended use of aggregated results.

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