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As an AMP program participant, a variety of resources are available to support you. The Program Manual and Measure Sets are the most commonly used resources, but information is also available on required audits, data file layouts, and the appeals process.

You can also find presentations and publications related to the AMP programs on our News and Events page.

Reporting Portal

The  AMP Reporting Portal gives you access to your quality, resource use, and total cost of care results as well as statewide benchmarks. If you’re a new AMP program participant, register to create an account. Once registered, an existing contact from your organization must add you as an authorized contact for your organization using the “Contacts” page, which grants access to your organization’s results.

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AMP Program Guide and Technical Specifications

Beginning in MY 2021, the AMP Program Manual will be released as two documents: the AMP Technical Specifications and AMP Program Guide. The AMP Technical Specifications includes guidelines for reporting measures and specifications for all measures used in the AMP Programs. The AMP Program Guide provides an overview of the AMP Programs and timelines for data submission and reporting. Find the latest documents below.

Measurement Year 2021

*On December 15, 2021, we will release the final MY 2021 AMP Program Guide.


Measurement Year 2020

AMP measure set

A common, industry-approved measure set is the heart of the AMP program. These standard measures help you focus on the most important quality improvement efforts and use resources more efficiently. We align measures across the four AMP programs to lower the reporting burden and facilitate meaningful improvement. Slight differences in the measure sets between AMP programs reflect the needs of each population. 

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Data collection and submission resources

As a participant, you’ll need data submission resources for the current measurement year from our vendors, Onpoint Health Data and TransUnion, as well as comprehensive information on audit requirements and guidelines. 

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Incentive design

Health plans that participate in the AMP Commercial HMO and Medi-Cal Managed Care programs get a recommended value-based incentive payment design that they can adapt as needed to reward high-performing providers. Our AMP programs use a shared savings model that focuses on quality, cost, and resource use.

See incentive design resources

Public comment

IHA holds a public comment period before finalizing measures, specifications, and program or policy changes. This is an opportunity for AMP participants and industry stakeholders to help shape performance measurement and reporting at IHA.

The IHA Technical Measurement Committee or Technical Payment Committee reviews all comments. Next, the IHA Governance Committee approves responses to the comments, including applicable changes, before they’re incorporated into final Measure Sets and Manuals.

Feedback received during the 2020 Public Comment period was reviewed and incorporated into the final MY 2020 AMP Program Manual and the final MY 2021 AMP Technical Specifications.