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A complete picture of your healthcare performance

​It’s hard to improve what you can’t measure. And measuring value-based healthcare performance isn’t easy—different measure sets and methodologies can provide different results for the same population, or limited data might give you an incomplete picture of how you’re doing.

That’s where AMP comes in. The program measures everyone by the same standards to create clear, reliable performance benchmarks. And it supports high-value care through a standard incentive design, public reporting, and public recognition awards for top performers.

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Our AMP programs

As an AMP participant, you’ll be in good company. Leading California plans and providers participate in one or more of our AMP programs:

  • AMP Commercial HMO
  • AMP Medicare Advantage
  • AMP Medi-Cal Managed Care

How does it work?

AMP’s four program components work together to encourage continuous improvement.

  1. Common Measure Set and Benchmarking: A common set of performance measures and benchmarks helps you focus on the most important quality improvement efforts and use resources more efficiently.
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  2. Health Plan Incentive Design: Health plans get a recommended value-based incentive payment design that they can adapt as needed to reward high-performing providers.
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  3. Public Reporting of Performance Results: The Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA) publicly reports AMP’s program results each year, allowing consumers to compare provider performance within their area.
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  4. Public Recognition: Each year, we recognize top-performing providers and those demonstrating the greatest year-to-year improvement.
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Since 2003, AMP has helped California understand the value of integrated care, especially for chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, and hypertension. In fact, we’ve retired a number of clinical measures over the years after AMP participants achieved and sustained consistently high performance.

AMP by the numbers



Health Plans


Provider Organizations


Million Californians


Real impact

93% of AMP POs performed better than the fee-for-service average for patient blood sugar control in 2018.

From 2014-2018, AMP PO performance improvement meant that:

  • 76,000 more patients with diabetes had blood sugar controlled
  • 35,000 more patients with hypertension had their blood pressure under control
  • 20,000 more adults were screened for colorectal cancer

Why join AMP?

AMP is one of the nation’s largest, most established value-based healthcare performance improvement measurement programs, and has focused efforts to improve care quality and cost for millions of Californians. As an AMP, participant you can:

Get performance insights you can trust

  • Aggregated cost, quality and resource use results provide a clear performance signal.
  • AMP gives you impartial, validated results from a non-profit industry expert.
  • A fair, neutral appeals process makes it easier for providers and plans to manage discrepancies in results.

Efficiently measure what matters most

  • Our single, industry-curated measure set tracks the quality, resource use and cost measure that have the biggest impact on care outcomes.
  • Centralized data collection and analysis reduces administrative burden.
  • Collaborative program design addresses plan, provider, and purchaser priorities.

Drive continuous improvement

  • Standard, proven incentive design rewards high-value care.
  • Public reporting and awards programs recognizes top performers.
  • Peer-based performance benchmarks at multiple levels of detail help you see how you compare to the market and know where to invest your improvement efforts.

AMP benefits everyone

Health plans

Impartial insights help you and your provider organizations have honest conversations about performance. Measuring only the most important performance metrics, AMP helps you quickly identify and reward high performance. These insights also show you what’s hampering performance so you can partner with provider organizations that need support.

Provider organizations

Understand cost and quality benchmarks at multiple levels of detail to see improvement opportunities and where you excel. Recognition as an AMP top performer helps you position yourself as an industry leader and gives you leverage in health plan negotiations.


Patients can use AMP’s publicly reported results to make informed decisions about their healthcare providers. See the results on the Office of the Patient Advocate’s public report card webpage at reportcard.opa.ca.gov

IHA’s AMP programs created trust between consumers, health plans, purchasers, regulators, providers… it’s really unique.”

Dr. Hector Flores, Medical Director, Family Care Specialists Medical Group

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