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Strengthening primary care through alignment and collaboration

Underinvestment, inflexible payment models, and growing administrative burdens on providers have chipped away at the primary care system for decades.

The California Advanced Primary Care Initiative is addressing these problems. Led by IHA and ​​the California Quality Collaborative (CQC), the initiative drives alignment for increasing investment in primary care. This investment helps physician practices achieve financial stability while supporting quality outcomes and improving primary care access. A common reporting platform gives providers trusted, unbiased data insights that support performance improvement and reduce health disparities for Californians.

A multi-payer focus on advanced primary care

Several large payers have joined forces to increase funding and access to ‘advanced primary care’ in California. The model rewards practices that deliver high quality preventive care, effectively manage chronic conditions, reduce unnecessary emergency room and hospital admissions, and create a positive patient experience.

How does it work?

The participating payers have committed to pursuing the following goals:

  1. Transparency: We’re measuring and reporting primary care investment, adoption of value-based payment models that support advanced primary care, and performance on the Advanced Primary Care measures.
  2. Value-based payment: A shared value-based payment model for primary care providers offers flexibility, supports team-based care delivery, and incentivizes the right care at the right time.
  3. Investment: The participating health plans will collaboratively set quantitative goals for increasing primary care investment without increasing the total cost of care.
  4. Practice transformation: Technical assistance helps primary care practices implement clinical and operational business models for success in value-based payment models, behavioral health integration, and advancing health equity.

Participating stakeholders

Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Shield of California
Health Net
Oscar Health

Scaling high-value primary care across the state

The California Advanced Primary Care Initiative makes it easier for primary care practices to shift to a high-performing, patient-centered care model. The initiative fosters:

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Industrywide collaboration and alignment

  • Multi-payer alignment ensures simple, consistent definitions of primary care across payer contracts.
  • A common Advanced Primary Care measure set creates clear expectations for practices.
  • A standard payment model across the patient panel, adopted by multiple health plans, supports the transition to new business and clinical models for providers.
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  • Increased primary care investment improves patient health outcomes without increasing the overall cost of care.
  • Aligned financial incentives reward high-value, appropriate care.
  • Tight integration of primary, behavioral, and specialty care supports holistic health.
  • Whole-person care addresses social factors that impact health, such as housing and access to healthy food.
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Improved patient
and provider

  • Technical assistance supports practice transformation efforts toward proactive, outcomes-driven care.
  • Increased primary care investment and resources support physician recruitment and retention, especially in rural and underserved areas.
  • Expanded race, ethnicity, and language data collection enables data-informed progress toward health equity.

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