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Dec 08, 2022   |   Conferences
Replay available: Stakeholders’ 2022 Virtual Conference

Aligning for Success

We held our 2022 Virtual Stakeholders’ Conference on Thursday, December 8.



Conference overview

Conference sessions included:

  • A look at IHA’s 3-year strategic plan and associated organizational priorities and initiatives
  • A panel discussion on building the next generation of the Symphony Provider Directory for improved ease of use, efficiency, and scalability
  • A conversation on industry-wide priorities in health equity, behavioral health integration, and primary care, and how IHA is incorporating these priorities into the Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP) program
  • Recognition of top-performing provider organizations and those demonstrating the greatest year-to-year improvement for Measurement Year 2021 in our AMP Commercial HMO program.

Primary Care Spending Study

If you’d like to learn more about the evidence cited during Dr. Chen’s presentation on Industry Alignment to Strengthen Primary Care, please check out the April 2022 Issue Brief published by the California Health Care Foundation.

Understanding California’s Physician Practice Landscape

If you’d like to learn more about why California needs a Provider Affiliation Map, as cited during Dr. Rideout’s opening session on IHA’s Strategic Plan, please check out this March 2022 paper published by the California Health Care Foundation.

Thank you for joining us!

We thank the many CEOs, medical directors, senior executives, quality assurance staff, IT and pharmaceutical professionals, and others who joined us for this information-packed event. We also thank our guest speakers and panelists for their contributions.