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Oct 03, 2018   |   Press Releases
IHA Introduces Align. Measure. Perform., the Renamed Physician Organization Level Performance Measurement Programs
Press Release

The new names reflect the organization’s broadened scope, beyond the nationally recognized Commercial HMO program, including Commercial ACO, Medicare Advantage, and Medi-Cal Managed Care

OAKLAND, Calif., Oct. 3, 2018 – Today, at its 17th Annual Stakeholders Meeting, the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) announced the renaming of its physician organization level performance measurement programs—now known as Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP).

“In the nearly two decades since IHA began our performance measurement work, much has changed in the healthcare landscape. However, one thing hasn’t changed—the need for standardized and reliable performance measurement and benchmarking,” said Jeff Rideout, MD, President & CEO of IHA. “We have a number of new labels for health plan products and the provider networks supporting them, but fundamentally it comes down to how systems of care perform on quality and cost of care. Align. Measure. Perform. says it perfectly.”

The four AMP programs (listed below) create comprehensive benchmarks and performance assessments for medical groups, independent practice associations (IPAs), and accountable care organizations (ACOs) across health plans in California. The AMP programs together with the California Regional Health Care Cost & Quality Atlas (Atlas), make up IHA’s Performance Measurement Collaborative, which is governed by a multi-stakeholder committee structure. Atlas contains information about care provided to 30 million insured Californians and compares performance on measures of clinical quality, hospital utilization and cost of care across geographic areas and by insurance product type.

The Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP) Programs

Previous Program Name

Current Program Name & Description

Value Based Pay for Performance/Value Based P4PAMP Commercial HMO is the cornerstone upon which all IHA’s performance measurement programs were built. Initiated in 2001, the program now represents 95% of commercial HMO enrollment in the state. AMP Commercial HMO has four key components: a common set of measures and benchmarks that spans clinical quality, patient experience, utilization, and cost of care measures; value-based health plan incentive payments to physician organizations; public reporting of Triple Aim performance results for physician organizations; and public recognition awards.
IHA-PBGH Commercial ACO Measurement & Benchmarking InitiativeAMP Commercial ACO is a partnership between IHA and the Pacific Business Group on Health to develop a standard measurement and benchmarking program for commercial ACOs across the nation. The AMP Commercial ACO program seeks to reduce clinician burden through standard, widespread adoption of common ACO performance measures and benchmarks by plans, purchasers, and physician organizations.
Medicare Advantage 5 Star Reporting of Physician OrganizationsAMP Medicare Advantage leverages the measures and methodologies that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) uses to generate health plan star ratings to measure and publicly report performance and star ratings for medical groups and IPAs. The AMP Medicare Advantage program supports measure alignment across the healthcare delivery system and provides reliable performance information that consumers can use to compare star ratings for physician organizations providing care to Medicare Advantage enrollees in California.
Performance Measurement & Reporting in Medi-Cal Managed CareAMP Medi-Cal Managed Care is based on a common set of measures and benchmarks that spans clinical quality, patient experience, utilization, and cost of care measures. The program collects data and calculates performance results for medical groups, IPAs and FQHCs that provide care to Medi-Cal Managed Care enrollees. Health plans can use the results to make value-based incentive payments to their contracted providers.


“Over the years, we have broadened the scope of what we measure—from quality-focused to value-based performance—and extended the reach of who we measure,” said Dolores Yanagihara, MPH, Vice President, Analytics & Performance Information. “But our collaborative stakeholder approach, commitment to fairness and transparency, and support for performance improvement have remained constant. The AMP program names reflect both of these realities.”

If you are interested in learning more about AMP programs, Atlas, or the Performance Measurement Collaborative, please contact us at AMP@iha.org. Additional detail on each AMP program can be found at www.iha.org/our-work.


About IHA: Founded in 1994 and based in Oakland, Calif., the nonprofit, nonpartisan Integrated Healthcare Association is guided by a 50-member board of industry-leading health plans, physician organizations, and hospitals and health systems, plus representatives of purchaser, consumer, academic, pharmaceutical, and technology entities. As a member-driven organization convening diverse stakeholders committed to advancing high-quality, affordable, patient-centered care, IHA generates data and insights to help forge common ground across California’s health care community. For more information, visit www.iha.org.