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Apr 29, 2023   |   In the News
IHA’s Atlas Data Informs Research on Public Option Health Plan
In the News

Using Atlas data, researchers assess public option plan’s impact on increasing competition and lowering health insurance premiums in California

A new issue brief from The Commonwealth Fund highlights University of California, Berkeley research on a proposed public option health plan called Golden Choice. Researchers used data from IHA’s California Healthcare Cost & Quality Atlas to assess the potential impact of Golden Choice. Their findings show the public option would have the lowest premiums in 14 of 19 Covered California regions and save $243 million in one year.

In the issue brief, the authors highlight the need for a new type of public option plan in California where provider organizations accept the financial risk for providing healthcare services. Key points in the brief include:

  • What a public option health plan is and why they have had limited success to-date
  • The need for a public option to mitigate rising health insurance premiums and deductibles
  • How Golden Choice would work
  • How IHA’s Atlas data helped researchers assess the competitive impact of Golden Choice
  • Estimated cost savings and feasibility of Golden Choice

Read the Issue Brief