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Dec 06, 2023   |   Press Releases
IHA Selects Cozeva to Support California Advanced Primary Care Initiative, Focusing on the California “Core 4”
Press Release

Cozeva chosen as the common reporting platform to create a seamless experience for provider practices participating in the California Advanced Primary Care Initiative, led by IHA and the California Quality Collaborative (CQC).

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 6, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) today announced that Cozeva will serve as the common reporting platform to provide aggregated results reporting for practices and payers participating in the California Advanced Primary Care Initiative. IHA and its board of directors selected Cozeva after conducting an extensive RFP process.

Cozeva is a comprehensive population health solution for clinical quality performance, risk adjustment, and total cost of care management. Cozeva’s platform will give providers a payer-agnostic unified actionable registry to measure and track outcomes through a single source of performance information on a set of advanced primary care measures.

The initiative includes a focus on the “Core 4,” a critical part of the advanced primary care measure set. These four clinical measures are colorectal cancer screening, diabetes blood sugar management, high blood pressure management, and childhood immunizations. The Core 4 is also a major component of performance expectations for health plans contracted with or regulated by Covered California, CalPERS, the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC), and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

“Cozeva’s support of the California Advanced Primary Care Initiative represents a significant step in our mission to align private payers and providers in their value-based journey,” says Khanh Nguyen, CEO of Cozeva. “Our technology facilitates essential collaboration between health plans and providers, streamlining processes for improved patient outcomes and reduced administrative burden. This multi-payer alignment work elevates our role in transforming California’s healthcare landscape while fostering trust across the ecosystem through timely, accurate data. We are proud to be part of this movement toward a higher quality, patient-centered, and sustainable healthcare system in California and beyond.”

Cozeva’s solution will allow continuous and integrated plan and provider reporting, including the ongoing practice-level reporting necessary for the initiative. Cozeva already exchanges data with 124 provider organizations and eight health plans that are also contracted with IHA.

“Cozeva’s ability to provide real-time actionable information, including robust clinical data, is exactly what is needed for the California Advanced Primary Care Initiative,” said Dolores Yanagihara, Vice President of Strategic Design and Initiatives at IHA. “Their commitment to health equity, including race and ethnicity information, enables IHA and CQC to provide performance insights that can help reduce health disparities for California’s most vulnerable populations.”

The California Advanced Primary Care Initiative is led by IHA and CQC and includes a coalition of large payers who have committed to work together to align and transform primary care across the state. The initiative is building and scaling a primary care model that emphasizes comprehensive, team-based, patient-centered care, the integration of physical and behavioral health, and high-quality outcomes.

About Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA)

Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) brings the healthcare community together to solve industry-wide challenges that stand in the way of high-value care. As a non-profit industry association, we use our decades of expertise, objective data, and unique role as a trusted facilitator to make the healthcare system work better for everyone. We provide insights that help the healthcare system continuously improve. We build new tools that simplify how the industry works together. And we provide a forum for cross-industry leaders – through our boards and programs – to have honest conversations that guide the future of healthcare.

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About Cozeva

Cozeva: Revolutionizing value-based care with a unified, data-driven platform for optimal healthcare delivery performance, risk adjustment, and patient-centric, equitable outcomes. The company’s core tenets focus on perfecting its real-time data integration tech and cultivating a robust healthcare data ecosystem, enabling its customers’ quality and risk programs to seamlessly work on a single, unified platform. Cozeva is the first integrated, comprehensive population health platform, bringing together quality and risk adjustment completeness for both health system performance management and clinicians at the point of care.

Cozeva is the one-stop-shop population health solution for Clinical Quality Performance, Risk Adjustment, and Total Cost of Care management, empowering providers and health plans to achieve equitable outcomes through high-quality, affordable, person-centered care. To learn more, visit

About the California Quality Collaborative (CQC)

California Quality Collaborative (CQC), a program of the Purchaser Business Group on Health, is a health care improvement program dedicated to helping care teams gain the expertise, infrastructure and tools they need to advance care quality, be patient-centered, improve efficiency and thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment. The program is dedicated to advancing the quality and efficiency of the health care delivery system across all payers, and its multiple initiatives bring together providers, health plans, the state and purchasers to align goals and take action to improve the value of health care for Californians.