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Jul 21, 2021   |   Conferences
APG Annual Conference 2021, December 9-11

We’d like to share that APG’s Annual Conference 2021 will be an in-person event at the Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina, December 9-11, 2021.

During the APG Annual Conference 2021—Emerging from the Pandemic: The Path Forward, you can join us for a session on Measuring Accountable Performance for Cost, Quality, and Equity

Session overview:

The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) maintains the California Regional Health Care Cost & Quality Atlas, a unique all-payer claims database that measures the total cost of care of 30 million Californians.  The Atlas ranks performance of coverage plans and their networks within regions and compares value-based coverage models against purely fee-for-service plans and networks.  The panel will discuss the potential for similar approaches by the new statewide Health Care Payments Database, and Governor Newsom’s plan to create an oversight arm of state government to control health care costs through state domestic product-linked cost targets.


Jeffrey A. Rideout, MD, MA, President and CEO, Integrated Healthcare Association
William Barcellona, APG Executive Vice President of Government Affairs