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Jan 28, 2022   |   Webinars
AMP Program Updates, Measurement Year 2021

On January 26, 2022, our IHA staff hosted the annual AMP Program Updates webinar. This webinar, intended for AMP participants and their data partners, provided an overview of key AMP program updates for Measurement Year (MY) 2021, including information about technical specifications, measure sets, participant resources, and upcoming deadlines for data collection and reporting. We also answered audience questions with the help of our partners at NCQA.

Webinar Recording 

Webinar Slides 

Thank you to our webinar panelists:

  • Thien Nguyen – Director, Information Strategy, IHA
  • Edith Fox – Project Manager, Information Strategy, IHA
  • Dr. Anna Lee Amarnath, MD – AMP General Manager, IHA
  • Steven Hough, Program Coordinator, Information Strategy, IHA
  • Holly Spalt – Assistant Director, Quality Solutions Group, NCQA
  • Tochi Obioha – Manager, Quality Solutions Group, NCQA
  • Alana Burke – Director, Quality Solutions Group, NCQA
  • Laetitia Beyegue – Performance Measurement Project Specialist, NCQA
  • Megan Carlucci – Health Care Analyst, NCQA

Quick links:

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MY 2021 Technical Specifications

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Have additional questions about the AMP Program in MY 2021? Contact us at amp@iha.org.