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Aug 31, 2022   |   Webinars
AMP MY 2021 Preliminary Results Release Webinar

On August 31, 2022 IHA hosted the Measurement Year (MY) 2021 AMP Preliminary Results Release Webinar.

Speakers included Shelley Kong and Julia Tremaroli of IHA’s data operations team, Edith Fox and Lindsey Wong from IHA’s strategic design and initiatives team, and IHA’s Director of Data Operations, Angela Czesnakowicz.

The MY 2021 release is the first time all AMP preliminary results, including quality, resource use, and cost, are being released at the same time through a single portal. This webinar was designed to address questions about all the results and to provide guidance on what to focus on during the Questions & Appeals period. IHA staff shared preliminary trends seen in the AMP results and provided a walkthrough of the new Onpoint Performance Reporting Portal (PRP) where participants can access their results. Important timelines, relevant resources, and contact information can also be found in the webinar slides.

Watch the recording.

Download the slides.